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Oxidative Stress

If too many free radicals are produced in our bodies, the result is, metaphorically speaking, a "fight" of the cells for the electrons present. This hinders the cells in their function and can even lead to cell death. This process is known as oxidative stress and is medically proven. As a result of this reaction, DNA is damaged, the absorption of enzymes and messenger substances is reduced and cell receptors are destroyed.

Oxidative stress - causes and countermeasures 
The causes are manifold and can be found in the lifestyle of the respective person. Lack of exercise, alcohol, cigarettes, other stimulants, unhealthy nutrition and medication are only some of the possible triggers. Air pollution in cities can also play its part. In general, the modern lifestyle is therefore a source of food for free radicals.

One of the biggest stressors is electric, magnetic and electromagnetic radiation. Especially the latter in the form of mobile phone radiation must be viewed critically, because the telephone has become our constant companion over the last 20 years. Studies have shown that free radicals are particularly present in areas of the body that are exposed to long and intensive mobile phone radiation.

The most effective countermeasure is of course prevention. If the lifestyle is adapted in such a way that only a few free radicals are produced, the body remains protected in the long term and symptoms that have already occurred will subside. The increased intake of antioxidants, which readily release their electrons, is also often recommended. Although this can be a short-term help to our organism, it does not eliminate the fundamental problem of too many radicals being produced. (Zeitenschrift.com)

So, in addition to poor lifestyle habits, we have oxidative cell stress due to EMF fields, the very low-quality of drinking water and fine particulate matter air pollution. The first two alone cause the following complaints and diseases:

Oxidative stress causes damage to the cells and tissues of EVERY LIVING THING in the affected area. In people, this means: metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, premature aging, sleep disorders, burn out, asthma and even cancer.

Protect Your Body From Oxidative Stress
By harmonizing the electrosmog in your living and working environment and making sure you are drinking the best water, you can protect your cells from the devastating effects of oxidative stress. When you also add to your diet one of the world's most powerful combination of antioxidants, available in a daily elixir supplement, you have the possibility to reverse some of the damage already done by oxidative stress in your body.

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