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Our environment is the foundation
on which the pillars of a good life rest.
The environment in which we live
is no longer as good and pure as it once was. 

Almost every aspect of our modern lives is dependent on amazing products and devices that are silently destroying our health and the natural world around us,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The invention of electricity and the advent of the Space Age and the Digital Age
have brought with them the single most dangerous form of pollution
we have yet encountered. Electromagnetic radiation.
Supremely dangerous because it is completely invisible, wholly unnatural,
and penetrating absolutely everywhere.

High-voltage electricity lines create powerful electromagnetic fields which have been shown to cause cancer and other serious illnesses.

High-frequency Electromagnetic Radiation 

You don't need to be a highly sensitive person to feel the crackle and hum near high-voltage power lines. The electromagnetic field near these towers is intense. We know that people living in these areas are at high risk for developing cancers caused by EMF radiation.


Fine Particle Air Pollution

The WHO estimates that more than 8 million people die every year from diseases caused by air pollution. Fine particles in the air are inhaled into the lungs when we breathe, and from there can penetrate into our blood, cells, and tissues. Electromagnetic fields increase the amount of fine particles that linger in the air.


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Oxidative stress on the cells in bodies leads to long-term damage and illnesses ranging from premature aging to metabolic diseases and even cancer. By reducing our exposure to the environmental causes of oxidative stress, we can enjoy a healthier future and add more life to our years. Read more...

Water Is Life
Refresh Your Body, Refresh Your Life

Our bodies are 70% water. Water is essential to our survival. But just having water is not enough to ensure vitality and good health. Our bodies need clean, pure, fresh water. At SWAM International, we can provide you with solutions to turn your water into the very best water for living a vital and healthy life.

Video Message from Dr. Michael Forman

Watch and listen as Dr. Michael Forman explains about electromagnetic frequency pollution: what it is, why it's dangerous, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

An investigation by Professor Dr. Peter Dartsch

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"I am completely sold on the SWAM products! It is the first time in YEARS that I have not woken up and gone to bed with a major headache!!!!! You are right about sinus issues as well! I am just blown away."


M. B.                         

Aripeka, FL

"Sleeping well is important for victory!
and it is important to eliminate the disruptive factors. "


Marcel Hirscher                         

Former Austrian World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

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